Medical and credit card debt


My wife and I were just overwhelmed with medical and credit card debt and knew we had to file bankruptcy. We had never had to do anything like this before and did not know anything about bankruptcy. We got in contact with Monk Law Office, and from then on, Chip and his staff made the whole experience so smooth and took a big burden off of our shoulders. Just the friendly and understanding staff we were in contact with from the very first appointment to the end of the process was very professional. Some of the medical bill companies got in contact with us almost a year later, wanting money – but had been included in the bankruptcy. I got aggravated so we called Chip, and he took care of it immediately. We really appreciated the great service. We are starting to get back on our feet, but it takes a while. At least Chip gave us a second chance financially. We would recommend Monk Law Office to anyone looking for the services that we were.

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