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I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully thank you and your most experienced staff for the excellent and highly professional service provided during one my darkest and stressful times when the only option left for me was to declare bankruptcy and with your guidance I was able to be granted Chapter 7 Petition Discharge of all debts. You gave me sound attorney advice which convinced me to obtain your services, this is after consulting numerous attorneys who did not satisfy me as being truthful.
I felt very comfortable with you after our first consultation and immediately felt that you were the right person to represent me. You were honest and sincere presenting the best option that would be most beneficial for me without pressing me to make the decision to obtain your service. My decision was easy to make during this first meeting and I am very glad that you were able to represent me and were successful. I would strongly recommend you to anyone who I find to be in the same predicament as I was.
I thank you for the excellent legal service you provided and for the friendship. I wish you the very best by serving in the best interest of each client that you will represent. It was a pleasure working with you for my best interest.
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