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Wrongful Death

A claim where a person may be held responsible for someone else’s death. Some of the most common cases are by a motor vehicle driver, dangerous road conditions, defective vehicle or medical negligence or abuse, vocational excavation toxic material or situations and criminal misconduct.
These claims are usually instigated by relatives of the deceased.

Essential aspects to a wrongful death lawsuit:

  • A human fatality
  • Death resulted from either negligence or purposeful misconduct.
  • Family representatives present who are suffering due to the loss of their loved one.
  • Assigned representative to the deceased estate compensation.
  • Fiscal injury due to the lack of deceased party’s inability to contribute financial services, support and provide to the surviving family. Including any accumulated medical, financial, funeral expenses and incurred interest from fatality.

In the case of a wrongful-death who can pursue a lawsuit?

On behalf of the deceased person, no money can bring someone back or ever truly replace a person. Its sole purpose is to compensate those who suffered financially, emotionally and mentally when a person was killed by someone else’s negligence or abuse. To compensate for loss of support, medical and funeral expenses.
Colorado grants the spouse who remains to file a wrongful death lawsuit in the year following the diseased injury. Parents of the victims can file a wrongful death claim if their child was not married or had kids of their own. Unfortunately, Colorado limits some siblings, nieces, and nephews and are not allowed to file a wrongful death case. The designated beneficiary who has been entered in the agreement has the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. We offer no charge to talk to us to find out if you qualify.
Attaining fiscal losses are estimated on the deceased living and life expectancy how old they were, their financial competency and amplitude, current living conditions and abilities. A jury will award according to defendant’s history of earnings, in some cases proof of prior income averages will be required if the deceased was currently unemployed or a retrial may be ordered. If the deceased person was providing a family service and not necessarily financial income, experts may be called in to assess the equivalent fiscal amount for those Services represented and now be an extra expense to the family. Only some states allow punitive damages to be up and above the provable damages awarded, check with a lawyer in your local state. Typically, if there are criminal investigations and trials in addition to a wrongful death lawsuit, the criminal trials will happen before the wrongful death lawsuit. Even if the accused are convicted or not, some of the accused can still be held responsible in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Survived actions

In order to recover damages for the Survival action of the defendants suffering during the personal injury. Such as the degree of pain and suffering, the length of time the injury occurred, level of consciousness, apprehension, and fear of impending death.
Ex. Or Misdiagnosed condition or neglected in the care that was provided. An injury in which the victim would have been able to claim a personal injury, but the injury cost them their life. Supplying proof that the defendant either neglected the victim or previously intended harm and that was the cause of death and the damages the loss of life caused.

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