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Bankruptcy is a federal legal proceeding that allows good people to wipe out debt and get a new financial start. Filing a petition in bankruptcy stops all creditors from collecting debts until they are sorted out in federal bankruptcy court. Take the first step to a new start by calling us at 970 378 6659 for a free consultation with an experienced and understanding bankruptcy lawyer.

Monk Law Office offers knowledgeable, strategic counsel to our clients who are seeking debt relief through bankruptcy protection. Chapter 7 allows you to permanently get rid of debt, including credit cards and medical bills, and to stop collection on judgments against you. To qualify you must meet what is called the Means Test. We will help you determine whether bankruptcy is an option for you.

A Chapter 7 filing stops creditors from garnishing your wages and taking your money and assets into collection. Nearly all of our clients have been hugely reluctant to file a bankruptcy petition. You may be concerned about your credit or the legal complexity of filing. We never try to talk you into filing or not filing. We provide information to aid you in making an informed decision.


  • get a do-over on your financial future.
  • experience emotional and physical relief.
  • eliminate most or all of your debt.
  • keep your home, car, and other assets.
  • stop creditors from calling, harassing, and threatening you.

Call now at 970-378-6659 to discuss your options. There is no charge to talk to us. Monk Law Office accepts clients from Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Denver, Dacono, Firestone, Johnstown, Brighton, Sterling, Fort Morgan, and all of Northern Colorado.

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