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Bicycle Accidents

Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in bike-related accidents. And it’s no wonder because of Northern Colorado’s beautiful scenery people want to get out and experience the joys of this area. Here at Monk Law Office, we have 35 years plus representing injured bicyclists that were either hurt or were fatally wounded and their loved ones are pursuing a case. With our seasoned and experienced staff, you can rely on us to help you through this time in your life and get the compensation you deserve. Colorado’s vibrant outdoors can generate lots of biking activities, whether for leisure or commuting, bicycling is a very common means to travel in this beautiful mountain area. In fact, quite a few roadways encompass bike lanes and are usually on some of Colorado’s busiest streets. There has been a steadily increasing amount of people taking a ‘greener’ approach to commuting as well as our population increasing adding to more and more bicyclist on the road.

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